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binkley's BLOG

binkley's BLOG

This software is in the Public Domain. Please see

Current released version is 0.5. View javadoc.

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  • Concurrent - Completable executor services
  • Convert - Inverse of toString()
  • CORBA - Helpers for CORBA
  • Guice - Sample Guice modules and helper code
  • Logging - Small logging improvements and OSI logback configuration
  • Lombok - Lombok annotations
  • Mixin - Mixins for Java via JDK proxies and method handles
  • Spring - Examples with Spring
  • Testing - Small testing improvements
  • Utility - Bug, CheckedStream and friends
  • Value type - Java annotation and processor for value types
  • Xio - Pulling out interfaces from JDK I/O
  • XML - Experiments in XML
  • Xproperties - Extended Java properties



  • Added corba module.
  • Added ProvidePort junit rule.
  • Added several Hamcrest matchers (in support of other code).
  • Added StackTraceFocuser to simplify traces.
  • Added LinkedIterable.
  • Added ParameterizedHelper for junit.
  • More Java 8-isms.
  • Taught Mixin to handle interface default methods.
  • Added lombok module.
  • Added xml module.
  • Added Notices for Martin Fowler's post.


  • Dropped finance module: use JSR 354.
  • Fixed issues with support loggers. OSI logging is no longer beta.
  • Default OSI logging level is INFO, not WARN.
  • Added support for ANSI codes in logging via OSI and other improvements.
  • OSI logging requires a minimum of Java 7 or higher.
  • Various converters reorganized.
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