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Binlogic Cloud Backup Prepare
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Binlogic CloudBackup Prepare

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CloudBackup is a tool to orchestrate MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB and PostgreSQL Backups in the Cloud. Each backup is encrypted with a unique key and compressed. In case you need to use any backup in a environment where cloudbackup is not present or for some reason you no longer want to use cloudbackup this project will help you getting the backup ready yo use.

cloudbackup-prepare is a simple binary to decrypt and uncompress backups made with CloudBackup


  • If you already have go installed
  go get


Usage of cloudbackup-prepare:

      --agent-version string    Agent version used to take the backup (if empty it's assumed <= 1.2.0)
  -i, --backup-file string      Binlogic CloudBackup file path
  -e, --encryption-key string   Encruption key to decrypt backup file
  -o, --output-file string      Outfile to save backup decrypted and uncompressed
  -v, --version                 Output version information and exit


cloudbackup-prepare  -i tesfiles/mysqldump_sql.z  -e kpySdc2vfHL_4WebUstA29fRFacKis8LZRbLqFFY0HM= -o somefile.sql

NOTE: Since we cant validate encryption key is valid to decrypt each file (otherwise you backup is not safe :( ), we only check key has a valid format. After process is complete, please check that the output file doesn't contain garbage. In that case you are probably using an incorrect key.

where tesfiles/mysqldump_sql.z is the backup file, kpySdc2vfHL_4WebUstA29fRFacKis8LZRbLqFFY0HM= is the key used to encrypt this backup and somefile.sql is where you want to dump decreypted and uncompress backup. Problably is you are processing a MongoDB backup you want to use somefile.json or if you are processing a xtrabackup file like somefile.xbstream but that is up to you.


cloudbackup-prepare is distributed under Apache 2.0 License.

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