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Hacker News Notification Plugin

This plugin allows you to subscribe to any thread of Hacker News.

You'll receive notifications and in-page information when a new comment is posted @HN public feed.

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We like to see what articles are being most discussed.

We like to read and see what's the behaviour on how comments evolve when an article is published in HN, but we can't get notified on new comments, while working on our laptops.

That is the main reason why we wanted to develop our own Chrome plugin.

How it works

This plugin uses and scrapes the original HN page to do:

  • Searches the and analyse the news on the page you are visiting, so it adds subscribe/unsubscribe labels together with the unread comments at the article level.
  • Whenever the user subscribes any article, the plugin will check periodically for new updates on the news.
  • Whenever the user unsubscribes any article, this won't be considered when checking new updates of articles.
  • Frequently, the plugin will display a Desktop Notification telling you still have unread comments on the subscribed news.


Issues, features or improvements

Please report issues or improvements.


This plugin has only been tested with the original HN page. If you use other plugins such as the Enhancement Suite, we can't guarantee it works.

This plugin only works locally, so if you run a different Chrome instance in a different computer, it won't fetch the subscriptions you had saved. If you consider this is a good feature, please report it at issues.


In order to build the extension, you just need to execute:

npm run build

This will create a build in the build folder, which of course is ignored in the .gitignore.