A vimtips to fortune software.
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vimtips is a project to use fortune software to view vimtips.

The vimtips file is a text file with the format of fortune command.
You have to generate a index file like this :

    $ strfile vimtips vimtips.dat

and then copy the two files (vimtips ans vimtips.dat) to a directory that
fortune scan (/usr/share/fortunes/ or /usr/share/games/fortunes/).

To have a tips when you launch vim, insert the next line in your vimrc :
    au VimEnter * echomsg system('/usr/bin/fortune vimtips')

or if you want a tips when you are in vim :
    :echomsg system('/usr/bin/fortune vimtips')

Notice, if you are a debian user, the fortune is located in /usr/games/,
not in /usr/bin/.