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Yet Another Aria2 Webui in pure HTML/CSS/Javascirpt
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Yet Another Aria2 Web Frontend in pure HTML/CSS/Javascirpt.

No HTTP server, backend or server-side program. All you need is just a browser.


  1. Run aria2 with RPC enabled

aria2c --enable-rpc --rpc-listen-all=true --rpc-allow-origin-all with 'JSON-RPC PATH' like http://hostname:port/jsonrpc

Recommend: Set --rpc-secret=<secret> if you are using aria2 1.18.4(or higher) with 'JSON-RPC PATH' like http://token:secret@hostname:port/jsonrpc

Set --rpc-user=<username> --rpc-passwd=<passwd> if you are using aria2 1.15.2(or higher) with 'JSON-RPC PATH' like http://username:passwd@hostname:port/jsonrpc

  1. Visit index.html.

  2. Change "JSON-RPC Path" setting if "Internal server error" occurred.


  • All your settings on web is temporary. Settings will be lost after aria2 restarted.
  • Tasks(including which is not finished) will be lost after aria2 restarted. Using --save-session=SOME/WHERE and reload with --continue=true --input-file=SOME/WHERE to continue.
  • Using $HOME/.aria2/aria2.conf to save your options.
  • For more infomations about aria2, visit Aria2 Manual
  • YAAW also support websocket! Set JSON-RPC PATH with ws://hostname:port/jsonrpc.
  • Pre-spicify or save JSON-PRC PATH as bookmark with



yaaw is licensed under GNU Lesser General Public License. You may get a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License from

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