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A Terminator plugin which attempts to figure out your current host, and apply a certain theme.
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Terminator HostWatch Plugin

This plugin monitors the last line (PS1) of each terminator terminal, and applies a host-specific profile if the hostname is changed.

As of now, the plugin simply parses the PS1-evaluated last line and matches it against the regex [^@]+@(\w+) (e.g. to match user@host).



Debian-based systems:

  1. Either download a .deb-file from the release page
  2. Or: Add my Debian/APT archive:
wget -qO - | sudo apt-key add -
sudo sh -c "echo deb release main > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/"
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install terminator-hostwatch

Other Linux systems:
Put the in /usr/share/terminator/terminatorlib/plugins/ or ~/.config/terminator/plugins/. Then create a profile in Terminator to match your hostname. If you have a server that displays user@myserver ~ $, for instance, create a profile called myserver.


For now, the only setting you can change is the regex patterns the plugin will react on. The default pattern is [^@]+@(\w+) (e.g. user@host). To change that, add this to your .config/terminator/config file and adjust the regexes accordingly:

    patterns = "[^@]+@(\w+):([^#]+)#", "[^@]+@(\w+) .+ \$"


Development resources for the Python Terminator class and the 'libvte' Python bindings can be found here:

For terminal.* methods, see:

For terminal.get_vte().* methods, see:


To debug the plugin, start Terminator from another terminal emulator like this:

$ terminator --debug-classes=HostWatch

That should give you output like this:

   HostWatch::check_host: switching to profile EMEA0014, because line 'pheckel@EMEA0014 ~ $ ' matches pattern '[^@]+@(\w+)'
   HostWatch::check_host: switching to profile kartoffel, because line 'root@kartoffel:~# ' matches pattern '[^@]+@(\w+)'


The plugin was developed by GratefulTony (, and extended by Philipp C. Heckel (


The plugin is licensed as GPLv2 only.

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