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The Custom::KongConsumer creates a Kong Consumer.

Support for credentials is not yet available, making this resource slightly less useful at this time.


To declare this entity in your AWS CloudFormation template, use the following syntax:

  "Type" : "Custom::KongConsumer",
  "Properties" : {
    "AdminUrl": String,
    "JWT": {
        "Issuer": String,
        "PrivateKeyParameterName": String
    "ServiceToken" : String,
    "Consumer" : {
      "username": String,
      "custom_id": String


You can specify the following properties:

"AdminUrl" - pointing to the Kong Admin (required).
"JWT" - RS256 JWT token generator configuration (optional).
"JWT.Issuer" - issuer of the JWT token, defaults to 'admin'.
"JWT.PrivateKeyParameterName" - parameter store name containing the private key to sign the token with (required).
"ServiceToken" - pointing to the function implementing this resource (required).
"Consumer" - object containing all the properties as defined by add-consumer (required).

Check out all properties for "Plugin" at add-consumer.

Return values

With 'Fn::GetAtt' the following values are available:

  • id - id of the Consumer in Kong.

For more information about using Fn::GetAtt, see Fn::GetAtt.