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A starter site for building a mind garden, using 11ty (demo)

Netlify Status

Note: I'm not building this project for myself, so y'all gotta tell me what you think. Issues are the way to go here.

🏠 About

  • Double-bracket links (the ones roam uses)
  • Displays backlinks
  • hovercards for backlinks


🚀 Usage

If you're new here, see the Getting Started page in the wiki. Otherwise, check out the wiki guides (coming soon) or FAQ.

❤️ Contribute

Feel free to dive in!

Here's what this project needs...

  • Feedback! I didn't make this repo is for myself, so y'all gotta tell me what you want.
  • Stars on GitHub
  • Contributors - check out the contributing guide



📜 License

This project is under the MIT license. Please adhere to the code of conduct.