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Force base packages to conda-forge in docs

Both anaconda's R and Ruby have problems to install libraries/gems, and they've been resolved in their conda-forge counterparts
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lmrodriguezr committed Mar 10, 2020
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@@ -25,8 +25,7 @@ echo 'conda activate miga' >> ~/.miga_modules
Next, install the requirements:

conda install -y -c anaconda sqlite r-base
conda install -y -c conda-forge ruby
conda install -y --strict-channel-priority -c conda-forge sqlite r-base r ruby
conda install -y -c conda-forge -c bioconda -c faircloth-lab \
scythe blast hmmer bedtools prodigal idba mcl barrnap \
fastqc diamond krona fastani solexaqa
@@ -41,10 +40,6 @@ conda install -y -c conda-forge -c bioconda -c faircloth-lab \
> Simply remove `solexaqa` from the list above, and download that binary
> manually.
**Note for Linux users:**
> In some environments you'll also need gfortran installed in order to compile
> some R packages: `conda install gfortran_linux-64`
## R packages

The full list of R packages are automatically installed by MiGA. However, we

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