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Update manual reflecting recent conda updates

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@@ -9,12 +9,11 @@ please continue these instructions.
MiGA has a relatively long list of requirements, but most of them are easy to
install. Find your system below and follow the instructions using:

* [Anaconda or Miniconda](requirements/,
* [`apt-get`](requirements/,
* [Homebrew or Linuxbrew](requirements/,
* [Anaconda or Miniconda](requirements/,
* [Installing from source](requirements/

In addition, you will also need the [MyTaxa utils](requirements/
in order to activate the [MyTaxa](../part5/ and
[MyTaxa Scan](../part5/ steps (optional).

@@ -11,8 +11,8 @@ Now that you have Conda, activate it. If you want to create a separate clean
environment (optional) you can simply execute:

conda create -n miga
conda activate miga
conda create -y -n miga
source activate miga

It's strongly recommended to activate conda in the `~/.miga_modules`:
@@ -21,28 +21,31 @@ It's strongly recommended to activate conda in the `~/.miga_modules`:
# Tell MiGA to always activate conda:
echo 'eval "$(conda shell.bash hook)"' >> ~/.miga_modules
# Tell MiGA to activate the proper conda environment:
echo 'conda activate miga' >> ~/.miga_modules
echo 'source activate miga' >> ~/.miga_modules

Next, install the requirements:

conda install -y ruby r-base sqlite
conda install -y -c bioconda \
blast hmmer bedtools prodigal idba mcl barrnap \
fastqc solexaqa diamond krona fastani
conda install -y -c faircloth-lab scythe
conda install -y -c anaconda sqlite r-base
conda install -y -c conda-forge ruby=2.4.5
conda install -y -c conda-forge -c bioconda -c faircloth-lab \
scythe blast hmmer bedtools prodigal idba mcl barrnap \
fastqc diamond krona fastani solexaqa

Finally, conda's Ruby [is broken](,
so we'll apply a quick patch to allow native gem installations:
**Note for MacOS users:**
> The current recipe for SolexaQA++ only supports
> Linux.
> However, a precompiled SolexaQA++ binary for MacOS can be obtained directly
> from the developers
> [here](
> Simply remove `solexaqa` from the list above, and download that binary
> manually.
cd $(gem environment gemdir)
cd ../../$(basename $PWD)/$(gem environment platform | perl -pe 's/.*://')
mv rbconfig.rb rbconfig.rb.bu
perl -pe 's/\/\S*?\/_build_env\/bin\///g' rbconfig.rb.bu > rbconfig.rb
**Note for Linux users:**
> In some environments you'll also need gfortran installed in order to compile
> some R packages: `conda install gfortran_linux-64`
## R packages

@@ -52,12 +55,11 @@ will install one package here to make sure everything is properly initialized.
install.packages('enveomics.R', repos = '')

## MyTaxa utils

If you want to activate the [MyTaxa](../part5/ and
[MyTaxa Scan](../part5/ steps, follow the instructions
to install the [MyTaxa Utils](

@@ -7,9 +7,9 @@
* [Definitions](
* [Part II: Getting started](
* [Requirements](part2/
* [Using Conda](part2/requirements/
* [Using apt-get](part2/requirements/
* [Using Homebrew](part2/requirements/
* [Using Conda](part2/requirements/
* [Installing from source](part2/requirements/
* [MyTaxa Utils](part2/requirements/
* [Installation](part2/

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