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What is biotoolsregistry?

biotoolsregistry ( is the Web application of the ELIXIR Tools & Data Services Registry. It allows the curation and discovery of bioinformatics resources including databases, tools, services and so on, available under a variety of interfaces. provides a query interface, registration interface and API. The query interface allows a user to search the corpus of resource descriptions, display what fields of information are shown and filter and sort the results by various attributes. The registration interface allows the manual creation and editing of resource descriptions. The HTTP-based API allows query as well as automated creation and update of accessions. depends upon a resource description model: biotoolsSchema.


In support of discoveries in the life sciences, a plethora of databases and tools are deployed, in technically complex and diverse implementations, across a spectrum of scientific disciplines. The corpus of documentation of these resources is fragmented across the Web, with much redundancy, and has lacked a common standard of information. The outcome is that scientists must often struggle to find, understand, compare and use the best resources for the task at hand. The need - which biotoolsregistry supports - is for a comprehensive and consistent registry of information about bioinformatics resources.

Documentation and website, supported by ELIXIR — the European infrastructure for biological information - is available at (production version) (latest development version)

Please read the documentation.

Source code is now open source! Until Autumn 2018, we plan to work out (with partners) some guidelines on how the open development process shall work. Please email Piotr Chmura and Jon Ison if you want to get involved.

Governance development is covered by the emerging governance model of the project.


Please see the contributors page for a list of people involved with the project.


If you use, please cite:

Ison, J. et al. (2015). Tools and data services registry: a community effort to document bioinformatics resources. Nucleic Acids Research.

doi: 10.1093/nar/gkv1116 PMID: 26538599

This article is freely available (Open Access).