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Hugo Gene Nomenclature Consortium (HGNC) to BEL
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This package creates:

  • HGNC BEL namespace
  • HGNC gene families BEL namespace,
  • HGNC gene family membership BEL Script
  • orthology BEL script

Installation Current version on PyPI Stable Supported Python Versions MIT License

bio2bel_hgnc can be installed easily from PyPI with the following code in your favorite terminal:

$ python3 -m pip install bio2bel_hgnc

or from the latest code on GitHub with:

$ python3 -m pip install git+


HGNC can be downloaded and populated from either the Python REPL or the automatically installed command line utility.

Python REPL

>>> import bio2bel_hgnc
>>> hgnc_manager = bio2bel_hgnc.Manager()
>>> hgnc_manager.populate()

Command Line Utility

bio2bel_hgnc populate



  • This package heavily relies on Andrej Konotopez's package PyHGNC
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