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Releases: bioSyntax/bioSyntax


14 Aug 00:13
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Release Notes

🐣 bioSyntax v1.0.0b 🐣

  • Syntax highlighting for FASTA, FASTQ, CWL, BED, GTF, PDB, PML, SAM, VCF file formats
  • Available for: less, vim, gedit, sublime and VScode
  • Updated installer script + packaged documentation

Thanks To

  • @daissi for packaging for Debian / Ubuntu releases.
  • @liyao001 for the port to VScode


  • Included sublime and vim folder in release zip.


23 Feb 18:58
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Release Notes

  • New Syntax vim-nexus
  • New Syntax vim-pml & sublime-pml(Pymol Script Language)
  • New Syntax cwl-sublime and cwl-vim (Common Workflow Language)
  • Add bam-less alias for sam-less by default
  • Removed sudo requirements for linux-gedit & linux-less installations

New Alternative Syntaxes

  • vim_fasta-ORF: Syntax for finding and highlighting Open Reading Frames

Thanks to


12 Jan 17:05
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Release Notes

  • Updated installer script with prompts
  • Sublime bioSyntax file formats will not automatically use the bioMonokai theme; users can set the theme for all other files to whichever they like.
  • Re-organized repo to have vim/ and sublime/ as submodules for installation via Pathogen and PackageControl respectively
  • Few minor bug fixes across syntaxes.
  • Sublime/vim/gedit gtf and bed files are piloting 2-shade chromosome coordinates


25 Dec 19:42
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Release Notes

  • Added .flagstat support (from: samtools flagstat) for all ports
  • Fixed a bug with sam-less, sam-vim, sam-gedit syntax files not working with some sam files.
  • Fixed a few minor bugs in the installer and added less install prompts
  • Fixed a few minor bugs in CLUSTAL format and added .aln extension recognition.

Thanks to:

  • @GuangchuangYu for installer bugfix.
  • @xis19 for gaussian-vim syntax file (quantam chemistry).
  • @vievieyu for bug-fix in CLUSTAL and adding .aln support


19 Dec 19:22
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Release Notes

  • Pre-print manuscript version
  • Updated installer (v0.1) script to be more descriptive, require less sudo commands


15 Dec 00:58
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biosyntax-v0.1-beta Pre-release

Release Notes

🐣 Initial bioSyntax release 🐣

  • Syntax highlighting for FASTA (nt + aa), FASTQ, BED, GTF, PDB, SAM, and VCF file formats
  • Ported for gedit, sublime-text-3, vim, and less
  • Previous development was done on
  • Installer updated