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🏥 BiobankingUK Tissue Directory

This monorepo contains all the applications and tools for the complete BiobankingUK Tissue Directory stack.

The stack is used to run the UKCRC Tissue Directory and Co-ordination Centre Directory and its peripheral services, but is open source and can be used in part or wholly for other instances.

➡️ Getting Started

User and Developer Guidance can be found in the documentation.

📂 Repository Contents

  • .github/ - GitHub Actions and Workflows for building and releasing the stack, managing the repo
  • docs/ - Source for the documentation site
  • elastic-search/ - Configuration scripts to setup the required elastic search instance
  • sample-seed-data/ - Sample Reference data for the directory database
  • scripts/ - Various scripts for Directory management
  • sql/ - Various SQL scripts used to add/repair database records
  • app/ - Application Projects Source Code, detailed in the documentation
  • lib/ - Library Projects Source Code, detailed in the documentation

🧾 License and Contribution

Source code in this repository is licensed under the MIT license, unless otherwise specified. Content licenses and attributions are retained adjacent to and in reference to the relevant content where required by the license.

Currently contributions are not accepted from outside of the University of Nottingham Digital Research Service team.

This may change in future.