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Development scripts

The development of the project is managed through using running code in scripts directory. These scripts are:

  • scripts/bootstrap - set up all dependencies required by the project.

  • scripts/build - builds the website from the source files.

  • scripts/build - ensures all links in the site are valid

  • scripts/dev - starts a live version of the website on http://localhost:4567/.

  • scripts/publish - deploys the website to This is used by the CI server.

Updating the website

Changes to existing pages can be made by editting the corresponding .mkd file in ./source directory. A new page can be added to the website by creating a file in the source directory. Changes to the site page structure can be made by editting the HAML files in the ./source/layouts directory. Once you have finished do the following steps:

  • create a branch containing your commits on a github fork of this repository.
  • Create a pull request to the branch from the branch containing your commits.
  • Create an issue on bioboxes/rfc with a description of the changes, with a link to the PR.


The website is deployed automatically using CircleCI. When a merge is detected on the master branch, CircleCI will build the website HTML files using script/build, test then using script/test, and if they are valid push them to AWS S3 using script/publish. Therefore to update the website a valid merge into the master branch is required.