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BioCAT Website

This git contains the BioCAT website. The website is made using pelican, with the pelican-boostrap3 theme and the boostrap-rst plugins.


Clone the repository using:

git clone <gihub_url>

The github URL can be obtained by clicking on the 'Clone or download' button near the top of the main page for the repository. Currently the command would look like this:

git clone


Install pelican

The website is built using the pelican static site generator. This is python based, so you need to have python installed. In addition to python, in order to build the website from the source, first install the pelican, markdown, typogrify, and beautifulsoup python modules, for example you can:

pip install pelican Markdown typogrify beautifulsoup4

Build and display the html (make)

The best approach for development purposes is to use make to build and display the html. In the top level of the repository, run

make devserver

This displays the website at http://localhost:8000/.

The make command will both build the source and serve it up, and it continuously rebuilds the website when you make changes. This way you can make changes to your document and then just refresh the local page in your browser to see the results of those changes. To stop the devserver run

./ stop

If the make command doesn't work for you (for example you don't have the make utility installed), see the next section.

Build and display the html (pelican/python)

An alternative way you can build the website is to run the following command in the top level of the repository directory:

pelican -d

This writes the output html files to the output directory.

To display the output locally (for testing and development), cd into the output directory and run

python -m SimpleHTTPServer

This displays the website at http://localhost:8000/. (note: this is the python 2 way, python 3 requires a different command)

Notes about image formats

  • Staff images should be cropped to a square (1:1 aspect ratio), 750x750 px
  • Carousel images and top of page images should be cropped to a 2:1 aspect ratio, 1200x600
  • Thumbnail images should be 750x500 px

Useful links