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Chnaged statistics verstion to 2.5.0

from 2.5.0.qualifer
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1 parent bf2d039 commit 7e418806c7442ea66b452d7e6c20bb5e852c4836 Arvid Berg committed Jan 24, 2012
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@@ -55,7 +55,7 @@ Jena is built on top of other sub-systems which we gratefully acknowledge: detai
<import plugin="org.eclipse.osgi"/>
<import plugin="org.apache.xml.resolver" version="1.2.0" match="compatible"/>
<import plugin="org.apache.xml.serializer" version="2.7.1" match="compatible"/>
- <import feature="net.bioclipse.statistics_feature" version="2.5.0.qualifier" match="greaterOrEqual"/>
+ <import feature="net.bioclipse.statistics_feature" version="2.5.0" match="greaterOrEqual"/>

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