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Changed required plugins and features.

Used calucalte to remove the no longer existing cdk_feature
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commit c23276cf3378392c89cda7fa0db74212eae1b4d4 1 parent 77bdcdb
Arvid Berg authored
Showing with 7 additions and 5 deletions.
  1. +7 −5 features/net.bioclipse.cheminformatics.rdf_feature/feature.xml
12 features/net.bioclipse.cheminformatics.rdf_feature/feature.xml
@@ -16,11 +16,13 @@ Eclipse Public License.
- <import feature="net.bioclipse.core_feature"/>
- <import feature="net.bioclipse.rdf.ui_feature"/>
- <import feature="net.bioclipse.rdf_feature"/>
- <import feature="net.bioclipse.chemoinformatics_feature"/>
- <import feature="org.openscience.cdk_feature"/>
+ <import plugin="org.eclipse.core.runtime"/>
+ <import plugin="" version="2.2.0" match="greaterOrEqual"/>
+ <import plugin="net.bioclipse.core" version="2.2.0" match="greaterOrEqual"/>
+ <import plugin="com.hp.hpl.jena" version="2.6.2" match="greaterOrEqual"/>
+ <import plugin="net.bioclipse.rdf.ui" version="2.3.0" match="greaterOrEqual"/>
+ <import plugin="org.eclipse.ui" version="3.5.1" match="greaterOrEqual"/>
+ <import plugin="log4j.over.slf4j"/>
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