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@@ -4,6 +4,7 @@ QIIME 1.8.0-dev (changes since 1.8.0 go here)
* Removed ``-Y``/``--python_exe_fp`` and ``-N`` options from ```` script as these are not available in any of the other parallel QIIME scripts and we do not have good reason to support them (see QIIME 1.6.0 release notes below for more details).
* SciPy >= 0.13.0, pyqi 0.3.1, and the latest development version of bipy are now required dependencies for a QIIME base install.
* Added new options to --color_scheme, which allows users to choose from different color schemes [here](; --observation_metadata_category, which allows users to select a column other than taxonomy to use when labeling the rows; and --observation_metadata_level, which allows the user to specify which level in the hierarchical metadata category to use in creating the row labels.
+* -m/--mapping_fps is no longer required for The mapping file is not required when running with --barcode_type 'not-barcoded',but the mapping file would fail to validate when passing multiple sequence files and sample ids but a mapping file without barcodes (see #1400).
QIIME 1.8.0 (11 Dec 2013)

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