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@@ -8,6 +8,7 @@ QIIME 1.6.0-dev (changes since QIIME 1.6.0 go here)
* Added, which is useful for plotting distances between "adjacent" sample ids in a list provided by the user. This is useful, for example, in plotting distances between adjacent temporal samples in a time series.
* has been replaced with This follows a re-factoring to support only "downstream" analyses (i.e., starting with a BIOM table). This makes the script more widely applicable as it's now general to any BIOM data and/or different OTU picking strategies.
* Fixed a bug in related to biplot calculations. This bug would change the placement of taxonomic groups based on how many taxa were included in the biplot analysis. Examples and additional details can be found here: [#677](
+* Major refactoring of workflow tests and organization of workflow code. The workflow library code and tests have now been split apart into separate files. This makes it a lot more manageable, which will support a more general refactoring of the workflow code in the future to make it easier to develop new workflows. The workflow tests have also been updated to use the new test data described in [#582](, which is now accessible through ``qiime.test. get_test_data()`` and ``qiime.test.get_test_data_fps()``. This provides improved testing of boundary cases in each workflow, as well as more consistent tests across the workflows.
QIIME 1.6.0 (18 Dec 2012)

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