Building the QIIME Virtual Box

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sudo apt-get install python-setuptools htop vim screen

sudo pip install numpy before the pip install --upgrade command in step 7

don't bother with changing the qiime temp dir

ipython notebook works, so skip that config

install chrome

IMPORTANT /etc/profile isn't sourced by terminals (since they're not login shells). How should we handle this? put /etc/profile stuff in /etc/bash.bashrc

message of the day will get annoying in the terminal (plus, I don't think it displays in non-login shells). What's a better way to make this information accessible? I (Jai) put this content in 0.QIIME_version.txt, modified it slightly from the AMI version so that it makes sense in the context of the Virtual Box

R libraries didn't get installed?

grab latest doc/vb_files/Before_you_start directory from qiime github repo, save on the desktop

create empty ~/Desktop/before_you_start directory

make chrome and firefox homepages point to

when doing final cleanup (step 17), also remove everything from /tmp and clear browsing data from firefox and chrome:

sudo rm -rf /home/qiime/.bash_history /home/qiime/.viminfo /home/qiime/.lesshst /home/qiime/temp/* /tmp/*

if gui update manager is prompting for updates, run them, then restart

for shrinking image, hold ESC key when booting VM. these steps may not be necessary!

follow second option suggested by emperor in chrome