Official QIIME workshops

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About official QIIME workshops

Official QIIME workshops are led by the QIIME Masters (QM). A QM is developer or expert who is the lead moderator on the QIIME forum for 2 weeks, approximately 2 times per year. This commitment requires that the QM read and reply (or delegate replies) to all incoming forum questions (currently around 1000 emails per month), so greatly increases their knowledge of QIIME and common issues with QIIME. After serving as a QM, they are experts not only in QIIME's algorithms and pipelines, but also in know how to troubleshoot software and methodological problems.

We run both open-enrollment workshops and hosted workshops. An open-enrollment workshop is open to the public for registration, and there is a per-person fee for attending. A hosted workshop is generally hosted by some organization, and that organization makes a donation for the workshop and has control over who can attend.

Available open-enrollment workshops are listed at You can find and enroll for open-enrollment workshops there. The rest of this document provides information about how to host a workshop.

Hosting a QIIME workshop

If you are interested in hosting a QIIME workshop (for example, at your university or at a conference) you'll need two QMs for up to 25 participants, and one additional QM per additional (up to) 25 participants. We take donations for these workshops to support continued development and support of QIIME. The donation per day for each QM is $1000USD, plus their travel, lodging and meal expenses. Under special circumstances we may be able to reduce this donation amount. All funds raised through workshops are used directly for QIIME. No one is profiting financially from these donations (but the entire QIIME user community profits from the software improvements and technical support that the donations facilitate). Most commonly, hosted QIIME workshops are two days long and have two instructors, but there is lot of flexibility.

Antonio Gonzalez and Greg Caporaso organize the official QIIME workshops. If you are interested in hosting one, you should contact them at Please answer the following information in your message:

  • Would this be a dedicated QIIME workshop, or part of a more general workshop? If the latter, is the workshop focused primarily on biology, software development, bioinformatics, another topic, or some combination of those?
  • What is goal of the workshop (for example, for students to develop an understanding of QIIME's algorithms or pipelines, to assist students with analyzing their own data, to instruct students interested in software development, etc)?
  • How many participants are you expecting?
  • Do the participants have their own datasets? If so, what sequencing platform are they using? Will they be bringing data with them to the workshop?
  • Do the participants typically work with amplicon survey (i.e., 16S rRNA, ITS, ...) data, or whole community shotgun data? If amplicon data, what genes and primers do they use?
  • What kind of computer resources do you have that would be available during the workshop?
  • Would you be interested in opening your workshop for public registration? We're ok with you charging participants to help offset your costs for hosting the workshop, but we'll want to discuss the logistics with you (just as we're not profiting from the workshop we wouldn't want you to be).

Feedback from prior workshop attendees

The following is some feedback we've received on past QIIME workshops:

"Thank you and your organization so much. The two instructors were superb. We learned a lot from them. We give them an A+."

Wasun Chantratita, Ph.D., Professor of Clinical Pathology, Head of Medical Genomics Center, Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University (following workshop at Mahidol University, Thailand taught by Jai Rideout and Tony Walters in December 2015).

"Your workshop was one of the very best I've ever attended. I also enjoyed hearing about all the new things you are developing for your already great platform---and to have you take us under the hood! I am certain that qiime will be used soon for a number of interesting projects by our RCNers."

-Prof. Susan Brawley, University of Maine (following NSF Porphyra RCN at Acadia National Park, Oct 2014)

"Very informative, we got to meet the developer[s] of the software."

"I really like the workshop arrangement including, sufficient and sound description about microbial community analysis methods and tools and hands-on exercises."

"Great for both beginners and those who have been struggling with the program. Good student:teacher ratio."

"Everything was good, they covered such a huge material in that short time."

-Anonymous student feedback from the Soil Science Society of America QIIME workshop (Long Beach, CA, Nov 2014)

"[I]t was a great course, very absorbing and fun learning. [M]any questions were answered and most doubts cleared. [L]ooking forward for many more courses of this type."

"Dr. Gonzalez was a fantastic instructor. It would be excellent to have him back. Additionally, microbial modeling courses in the future would be very useful as it is a burgeoning area of research, and there is limited local expertise at CUMC/NYC."

Anonymous student feedback from the Microbial Communities Profiling via QIIME workshop (NYC, NY, 2014)

Upcoming and past QIIME workshops

You can see this list of the current and past QIIME workshops. Open-enrollment workshops are highlighted.