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add a zip error message to the documentation
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charles-cowart committed Jul 13, 2019
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@@ -118,6 +118,18 @@ To update your unzip for most operating systems you can simply use your regular
admin program. However, for Mac we suggest using
`this version of unzip <>`__.

Additionally, there is a chance that you will see an error/warning message like this:
``extracting: BIOM/57457/all.biom bad CRC f6b2a86b (should be 38903659)``. These
messages are consequence of the zip library we are using internally and are fine to
ignore. If you want to check them, we suggest taking any of the files and generating their
CRC32 checksum; in MAC's you can run ``crc32 [filename]`` and should get the first number
in that message; for example:

.. code-block:: bash
$ crc32 57457_all.biom
Do you have general analytical questions?

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