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remove (name, github ID) __credits__ and __version__ from files #105

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There's a few files with (name, github ID) tuples for __credits__ and unnecessary __version__ vars. After talking with @gregcaporaso, it sounds like these were supposed to be removed sometime in the past, but a few were forgotten.


fixed in #104?


Currently, __version__ is defined in and in the main __init__, but there are a bunch of different ways to remove the redundancy. I'm aware of at least these three:

  • Define it only in __init__ and import that in Issues when init isn't empty (ie, if another package is imported from init, installation will fail if that dependency isn't already installed).
  • Define it just in and use pkg_resources.get_distribution('bipy').version to put it in bipy.__version__ at runtime. It has to be in a try/except block to deal with running the package from source without installing (not sure about the details).
  • Define it somewhere (e.g., bipy/, parse it in setup and import it in Actually, there's a 4th way because scipy and numpy do kind of the opposite (they define the version in setup, and setup generates a file ({numpy|scipy}/ that is then imported in init, and assigned to __version__ (I think scipy/numpy can't be imported from their source directory).

@wasade does verman solve some of these issues? How would you all like to handle this? Is it OK to keep the redundancy?


@gregcaporaso no this wasn't fixed in #104

@Jorge-C I'm okay with having two version strings (one in the top-level __init__, one in, though it would be nice to remove the redundancy at some point. Likely not that high priority right now though.

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