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Basic documentation for shifty.

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+# shifty
+[Shifty]( is an Awesome 3 extension
+that implements dynamic tagging.
+It also implements fine client matching configuration allowing _you_ to be
+the master of _your_ desktop.
+Here are a few ways of how shifty makes awesome awesomer:
+* on-the-fly tag creation and disposal
+* advanced client matching
+* easy moving of clients between tags
+* tag add/rename prompt in taglist (with completion)
+* reordering tags and configurable positioning
+* tag name guessing, automagic no-config client grouping
+* customizable keybindings per client and tag
+* simple yet powerful configuration
+## Use
+0. Go to configuration directory, usually `~/.config/awesome`
+1. Clone repository:
+ `git clone shifty`
+2. Move the example `rc.lua` file into your configuration directory.
+ `cp shifty/example.rc.lua rc.lua`
+3. Restart awesome and enjoy.
+There are many configuration options for shifty, the `example.rc.lua` is
+provided merely as a starting point. The most important variables are the
+* `shifty.config.tags = {}`
+ - Sets predefined tags, which are not necessarily initialized.
+* `shifty.config.apps = {}`
+ - How to handle certain applications.
+* `shifty.config.defaults = {}`
+ - Fallback values used when a preset is not found in the first two
+ configuration tables.
+But for each of these there are _tons_ of shifty variables and settings, its
+easiest to check out the wiki page or the module itself.
+In the `example.rc.lua` searching for `shifty` in your editor can also help to
+make sense of these.
+## Help
+Help is best found in this order:
+1. Web search, e.g. [Google]( is your friend...
+2. `#awesome` on is good for immediate aid, especially with
+ configuration questions and such.
+3. The [awesome users mailing list](
+4. Messaging through github
+5. Directly e-mailing the [author](
+ - _Please_ use this as a last resort, not that I mind, but the other formats
+ allow others to benefit as well.
+## Development
+Report bugs at the [github
+repo]( Please include at least
+the current versions of awesome and shifty, as well as distribution.
+## Credits
+* [Perry Hargrave](
+ - Current maintainer and point of contact.
+* [koniu](
+ - Original author
+## License
+Current awesome wm license or if thats not defined, GPLv2.

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