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BioEncrypt iOS SDK
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BioEncrypt Framework
BioEncrypt iOS Example

Welcome to BioEncrypt

BioEncrypt balances mobile application security with usability. TrustScores are generated from over 30 behavioral biometric and device integrity data-points to determine an authentication method proportionate to the risk. Trust Measurements normalize security posture across devices and users enabling consistent enforcement of security in diverse environments.

  • Prevents decryption when a high risk device or user exceeds the threshold
  • Chooses a secure authentication form dynamically
  • Transparently authenticates users when the device and user are trusted
  • Cryptographically “locks in” trusted states

How it Works

User TrustFactors

User TrustFactors profile user access to identify the probability of physical attack, theft, or abuse. Probability of device theft/loss due to the user environment.

Device TrustFactors

Device TrustFactors identify unsafe data access environments resulting from platform or app issues. Probability of data breach due to system or app integrity violation.


TrustFactors operate exclusively on tokenized data, preserving the uniqueness of a data point without requiring its true value.

  • Enables cryptographic integration that “locks” the trusted state
  • Attackers cannot identify what is required to decrypt the data
  • No personal/private data is stored or processed
  • Analysis and data are 100% local to device and never removed

Patented & Cryptographically Secure Transparent Authentication (USPTO US9477825B1 & US9992023B2)

BioEncrypt dynamically generates encryption keys from TrustFactors when the TrustScore exceeds the defined threshold.

  • Combination of high-entropy factors create a cryptographically secure solution
  • Encryption keys are combined with device TrustFactors to “lock-in” secure states
  • Authentication can be cryptographically invalidated if the device becomes high-risk

Policy Execution

BioEncrypt operates using a single policy. This policy can be default or customized. All policies are automatically updated. A single policy supports BioEncrypt:


  • TrustFactors are classified by user, device, and category (WiFi, motion, location, etc)
  • Shared, asynchronous datasets collection maximizes performance across large numbers of TrustFactors
  • Currently 30+ TrustFactors
  • Decay metrics modulate learning speed and accuracy
  • TrustFactor can be enable/disable
  • Weights and thresholds are modifiable
  • Modify risk thresholds for user/device
  • Turn TrustFactors on or off
  • Increase/decrease associated penalties

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