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BioExcel has supported the development of a new QM/MM framework called MiMiC.
Currently, it is intended to work with CPMD and GROMACS. BioExcel attaches 
the release of its communication library under the LGPL v2.1 license.

GROMACS is freely distributable, and is distributed alongside MiMiC by
BioExcel. The aspects of MiMiC that require changes to GROMACS have
been integrated with GROMACS 2019 and are available freely and openly
according to the GROMACS LGPL v2.1 license, and also in this BioExcel

CPMD is owned by IBM and has a proprietary license, so cannot be
distributed by BioExcel. Instead, we distribute the instructions to 
install the MiMiC framework together CPMD and GROMACS.
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