Apache Taverna

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Apache Taverna (incubating) is a Java-based scientific workflow system with a graphical design interface. Taverna workflows can combine many different service types, including REST and WSDL services, command line tools, scripts (e.g. BeanShell, R) and custom plugins (e.g. BioMart).

Taverna workflows can be executed on the desktop, on the command line, or on a Taverna server installation, which can be controlled from a web portal, a mobile app, or integrated into third-party applications.

Taverna is used in a wide range of sciences for data analysis and processing, including bioinformatics, cheminformatics, biodiversity and musicology. Workflow engine features include provenance tracking, implicit parallelism/iterations, retry/failover and looping.

Taverna workflows are commonly shared on myExperiment, and can either be created graphically in the Taverna workbench, programmatically using the Taverna Language API or by generating workflow definitions in the SCUFL2 format.

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