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This is the Mylake GIT hub. Check out the wiki for litterature review and user manual. MyLake is an open-source 1D process-based lake model written in Matlab and developped mainly at the Norwegien Institute for Water Research, in collaboration with the Norwegian Energy Directorate (NVE), the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), and the University of Waterloo (Ecohydrology Group).

Mylake is continuously updated as users and contributors add functionalities and modules. All versions are available upon request (see below), however only published version are publicly available.

MyLake v1.2.1 (2007)

This is the original version of MyLake. MyLake v1.2 simulates lake hydrodynamics, ice, photon budget, phosphorus speciation, algual dynamics (2 pools) and sediment-water interactions (box model).

Publication: Saloranta, T. M.; Andersen, T., MyLake - A multi-year lake simulation model code suitable for uncertainty and sensitivity analysis simulations. Ecol. Model. 2007, 207 (1), 45-60. Contact:

The manual is available online here :

See the Wiki for get-going sheets. Get the code in the "master" branch.

MyLake FOKEMA (2014)

This version adds support for organic matter degradation and improves the photo-bleaching routine.

Publication: Holmberg, M.; Futter, M. N.; Kotamäki, N.; Fronzek, S.; Forsius, M.; Kiuru, P.; Pirttioja, N.; Rasmus, K.; Starr, M.; Vuorenmaa, J., Effects of changing climate on the hydrology of a boreal catchment and lake DOC - probabilistic assessment of a dynamic model chain. Boreal Env. Res. 2014, 19 (suppl. A), 66-82. Contact :

This version has no manual. Get the code in the "fokema" branch.

MyLake DOCOMO (2015)

This version refines DOC (3 pools), DIC equilibria, O2 dynamics, microbial metabolicm and improved sediment-water interactions (with full diagenetic model for sediment including OM, P, N, C, Fe, Mn, Al, H+)

Publication: Couture RM, DeWit H, Tominaga K, Kiuru P, Markelov I (2015) Oxygen dynamics in a boreal lake responds to long-term changes in climate, ice phenology and DOC inputs. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences 120 (11) 2441-2456. 10.1002/2015JG003065

Contact :

To gain access to the Mylake private GitHub send your github username to : Please tell us about your research and applications !

MyLake is also in pyhton. This version developped at NVE is the latest update to simulate ice formation. See

Latest updated Sept. 2016