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A nuget package builder for the DevExpress Universal Suite
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A nuget package builder for the DevExpress Universal Suite



From your Download-Manager

  • Install the .NET Controls & Libraries Installer
  • Install the Coded UI Test Extensions for WinForms
  • Install CodeRush
  • Download the .NET Controls and Libraries PDB Files
    • Extract them to c:\tmp\symbols

To build and run your will need .NET 4.6 & Visual Studio 2015 (any kind)


Adjust the parameters of the buildPackages.bat


set DXVersion=15.2
set SymbolsFolder=c:\tmp\symbols
set TargetNugetFolder=C:\tmp\Nuget
set Localization=de;es;ja;ru
set NugetServer=
REM set NugetServer=-NugetSource http://yourNugetServer/
set NugetApiKey=
REM set NugetApiKey=-NugetApiKey Your-Api-Key-Goes-Here
set NugetPush=
REM set NugetPush=-NugetPush

Powershell.exe -executionpolicy remotesigned -File  build.ps1

set Builder=src\DXNugetPackageBuilder\bin\Debug\DXNugetPackageBuilder.exe

%Builder% "C:\Program Files (x86)\DevExpress %DXVersion%\DevExpressCodedUIExtensions\Tools" %SymbolsFolder% %TargetNugetFolder% %Localization% %NugetServer% %NugetApiKey% %NugetPush%

%Builder% "C:\Program Files (x86)\DevExpress %DXVersion%\Components\Tools\eXpressAppFramework\Model Editor" %SymbolsFolder% %TargetNugetFolder% %Localization% %NugetServer% %NugetApiKey% %NugetPush%

%Builder% "C:\Program Files (x86)\DevExpress %DXVersion%\Components\Bin\Framework" %SymbolsFolder% %TargetNugetFolder% %Localization% %NugetServer% %NugetApiKey% %NugetPush%

Run it!

The default settings will output your fresh nuget packages to C:\tmp\Nuget


To publish automatically


REM set NugetServer=
set NugetServer=-NugetSource http://yourNugetServer/
REM set NugetApiKey=
set NugetApiKey=-NugetApiKey Your-Api-Key-Goes-Here
REM set NugetPush=
set NugetPush=-NugetPush

To publish your packages to a sepearte nuget server make sure you have nuget.exe (2.8) on your path enviroment variable.


Pull Request and other contributions are welcome!


Feel free to file an issue!

More Info


Disclaimer from DevExpress

Please note that according to DevExpress EULA, every person working with DevExpress components should have a separate license. To properly register our components on your machine, use the DevExpress installer as described in the How to activate my DevExpress license article. Working with DevExpress components using libraries got from NuGet without proper registration may result in licensing violation.

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