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Bob database API for the Face Recognition Grand Challange (FRGC) ver2.0 face image database

Switched to use the original_directory; constructor now sets a warnin…

…g instead of raising an exception if database directory doesn't exist.
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Manuel Guenther authored


Face Recognition Grand Challenge (FRGC) ver2.0 Database Interface for Bob

This package contains an interface for the evaluation protocol of The Face Recognition Grand Challenge (FRGC) Database in the version ver2.0. This package does not contain the original FRGC data files, which need to be obtained through the link above.


To install this package -- alone or together with other Packages of Bob -- please read the Installation Instructions. For Bob to be able to work properly, some dependent packages are required to be installed. Please make sure that you have read the Dependencies for your operating system.


For further documentation on this package, please read the Stable Version or the Latest Version of the documentation. For a list of tutorials on this or the other packages ob Bob, or information on submitting issues, asking questions and starting discussions, please visit its website.

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