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  1. microarray-analysis microarray-analysis Public

    Materials on the analysis of microarray expression data; focus on re-analysis of public data (

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  2. ngs-in-bioc ngs-in-bioc Public

    A course on Analysing Next Generation (/High Throughput etc..) Sequencing data using Bioconductor

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  3. IntroductionToStats IntroductionToStats Public

    Refresher training course on the foundations of statistical analysis.

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  4. cruk-bioinf-sschool cruk-bioinf-sschool Public

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  5. linear-models-r linear-models-r Public

    Going beyond the t-test in R and introducing linear regression and ANOVA (

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  6. cruk-summer-school-2018 cruk-summer-school-2018 Public

    Summer school course materials collection

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