COEUS: Semantic Web Application Framework
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COEUS: Semantic Web Application Framework

Ipsa scientia potestas est. Knowledge itself is power. Next-generation Semantic Web Application Framework.

To get started -- visit

How to deploy?

  1. Install MySQL Server:

Note: root access or other user with similar permissions (CREATE DATABASE, TABLES,..) is required.

To create a user 'demo' to test:

$ mysql -u root -p 
CREATE USER 'demo'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'demo';
-- Take care with the following line, it gives permissions for staff
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON demo . * TO 'demo'@'localhost';

If you need other database please visit the list of databases supported (not implemented yet).

  1. Install Apache Tomcat 7:

Note: It requires the manager web application, installed by default on context path "/manager". To enable access you must either add a username/password combination to your tomcat-users.xml file on the Tomcat application server: <user name="your_name" password="your_password" roles="manager-gui,manager-script" /> It is also recommended that you check the write permissions of the tomcat webapps folder.

  1. Deploy coeus war file in the tomcat. You should deploy for instance in /coeus.
  2. Go to the hostname and port where the tomcat is deployed. For instance,

For more information please visit: COEUS Documentation