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"file": "wire\/modules\/LanguageSupport\/LanguageSupport.module",
"textdomain": "wire--modules--languagesupport--languagesupport-module",
"translations": {
"49eb6a44db57cba8d66b3404fa9f0ad4": {
"text": "d-m-Y H:i:s"
"4994a8ffeba4ac3140beb89e8d41f174": {
"text": "Idioma"
"185d23ff9526ad93077a1c9ad5ed26a2": {
"text": "Direcci\u00f3n E-mail"
"b78a3223503896721cca1303f776159b": {
"text": "T\u00edtulo"
"3f94f86633491ad8e5d18f5e481330c2": {
"text": "Los cambios en este campo no se guardar\u00e1n porque no tiene permiso para el idioma: %s."
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