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Cookbooks used by Biola University
Ruby Perl HTML Shell Python PowerShell
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7-zip @ a7295c7 added vsphere_perl_sdk and update dependencies
apache2 @ 0c2bb45 Added apache2 cookbook as a submodule
apt @ a8fb129 added vsphere_perl_sdk and update dependencies
ark @ efda6a9 added vsphere_perl_sdk and update dependencies
aws @ 91e02fc transitioned mysql to submodule; added database & dependencies
backupexec Updated backupexec cookbook to download RALUS from URL
backuppc backuppc: greatly simplified templates, v1.1
bacula bacula: v0.8.1 - added debian uninstall recipe remove_client
bluepill Adding initial cookbooks.
build-essential @ e35ebba transitioned mysql to submodule; added database & dependencies
chef-client @ 94254a5 chef-client: v3.4.0 - updated for chef-client 11.12.0 support
chef-client-biola Updated windows_task recipe to disable chef-client service after sett…
chef-server @ b35a59d Added chef-server cookbook & dependencies
chef-splunk @ 84aeb5a Added chef-splunk as a submodule
chef-splunk-windows chef-splunk-windows: 0.3.1 - Added Windows Update log monitoring
chef-vault @ d95a1e4 chef-vault: v1.0.4 of simple helper cookbook submodule
chef_gem @ 8ba9733 Add chef_gem cookbook.
chef_gems chef_gems: v0.2.0 - added ridley
chef_handler @ a702e25 Updated chef_handler to the latest version
cobol cobol: v0.1.0 - initial commit
cognos cognos & vncserver updates
couchdb @ 474e3e6 Added chef-server cookbook & dependencies
cron @ 45fde9f cron: adding submodule
cron_attributes cron_attributes: v0.1.0, initial commit
cups update cups
daemontools @ 5bc0e15 Added chef-server cookbook & dependencies
database @ 8f31c45 transitioned mysql to submodule; added database & dependencies
datadog @ f77b547 Added datadog cookbook as a submodule
degreeworks degreeworks: v.0.2.0 - rhel5 support changes
digital_signage disabled crashreporter dialogs on digital signage clients
directory_management directory_management: v1.5.0 - added enforcement of dir perms.
discovery @ 0f8ca55 Adding redis cookbook
dmg Added opscode-cookbooks/dmg because it's required by opscode-cookbook…
dns_caching Initial commit of the dns_caching cookbook
elasticsearch elasticsearch: initial commit
erlang @ a882414 Added chef-server cookbook & dependencies
firewall Adding initial cookbooks.
gecode @ b3c27a7 Added chef-server cookbook & dependencies
git @ b1bca76 Added git cookbook as a submodule
gitlab @ abce5ce gitlab: upstream revised their commits (no content change - a987bf is…
gluster Pointing gluster cookbook at new location
groovy Added /srv management
hardware_support hardware_support: v0.6.0 - bypass intel 10gb nic (ixgbe module) filter
htpasswd @ cc5652a backuppc: initial commit
imagemagick Added imagemagick cookbook for apps web servers
inspircd Updated inspircd cookbook to v.0.0.3; now using logrotate cookbook
iptables-biola iptables-biola: 1.0.1 - Fixed a bug preventing multiple rules from be…
iptables-ng @ 60fa48c Added iptables-ng cookbook as a submodule
iscsi iscsi: v0.2.0 - disable template generation before attributes are set
java @ 8f17c13 java: update to upstream v1.22.1
java_alt java_alt: initial commit
keepalived @ 7fb3635 Added Opscode's keepalived cookbook as a submodule
line @ deb7df4 initial directory management commit, and line & nfs submodule additions
linux_scripts linux_scripts: work around syntax change
logrotate @ 60b9966 Added Opscode's logrotate cookbook
logrotate_apps Initial commit of logrotate_apps cookbook; removed logrotate_misc coo…
memcached_biola Made modifications for biola and renamed cookbook to memcached_biola
mongodb @ 6b9ca01 mongodb: new submodule
mongodb_biola keyfile to keyFile
mysql @ df61bb2 Updated mysql cookbook to fix bugs related to passwords stored in att…
mysql_management mysql_management: 2.2.1 - Minor bugfix in the nagios recipe
nagios @ aff9e8e nagios: 4.7.0 - Added client uninstallation recipe
netatalk_biola netatalk_biola: missed location update in README
newrelic @ ff57677 migrate newrelic cookbooks
nexenta updating dataon required packages for nexenta
nfs @ 732a772 update nfs submodule cookbook
nginx @ 91c4a8f Added nginx cookbook from Opscode as a submodule
nginx_proxy_biola nginx_proxy_biola: removed devops recipe reference, added licensing info
nginx_simplecgi @ 0ece30b adding nagios cookbook and dependencies
ntp @ 22b4a25 ntp: add v1.6.2 as git submodule
ohai @ a9c0c64 Added ohai cookbook as a submodule
ohai_plugins ohai_plugins: initial commit
omnibus_updater @ 04d0131 Added omnibus_updater as a submodule
omnibus_updater_windows omnibus_updater_windows: 1.0.1 - Adjusted schtasks command for compat…
openssl Added opscode-cookbooks/openssl because of the mysql cookbook require…
opsview opsview: 1.9.7 - Added more customization to shared notification prof…
oracle oracle: v0.11.0 - Enable optional repo via rhn cookbook on rhel 6+
oracle_instant_client oracle_instant_client: v0.2.0 - profile.d update
pacman @ 3210e95 Added pacman cookbook as a submodule
passenger_biola Add license to passenger_biola and ssl_certs_biola
pbis-open pbis-open: 1.0.1 - Updated recipe to wait for configuration until sys…
percona percona: 2.0.0 - Updated for compatibility with 5.5.37; xtrabackup-v2…
performancetesting performancetesting: v0.2.0 - copyright cleanup and rhel iozone support
perl @ bd6f978 adding nagios cookbook and dependencies
php @ 70e5966 adding nagios cookbook and dependencies
postfix @ 84ef043 Updated postfix cookbook to latest version
postfix_biola postfix_biola: 0.2.0 - Added sasl_ldap.rb recipe
postgresql @ 5f138e3 transitioned mysql to submodule; added database & dependencies
putty putty: new cookbook for deploying PuTTY on Windows
python Import opscode-cookbooks/python version e7d06b4db5aec229a4737b8025482…
r @ aa96e45 Added rstudio cookbook with dependencies
redis @ a5b1ab3 redis: update to latest upstream commit
redisio @ be95852 Added gitlab and redisio cookbooks as submodules
resolver @ 4b58461 Added Opscode's resolver cookbook as a submodule
rhn rhn: v0.3.0 - added support for enabling RHEL optional channel
rstudio @ 45d490a Added rstudio cookbook with dependencies
rsyslog @ 4db4d46 Updated
ruby_app Bump ruby_app version to 0.4.2
runit @ 49f253c Added runit cookbook as a submodule
rvm @ 87f58d4 Add rvm cookbook (as submodule).
selinux @ c486cdb selinux: update submodule to 0.6.3
shared_hosting shared_hosting: 2.3.3 - Removed SSLv3 support in nginx
sidekiq_biola Bump sidekiq-biola version to 0.6.1
smbfs @ 2992212 smbfs: initial clone
snmp_biola Adding rhn & vncserver, and transitioning sudo to submodule
solr_biola Added solr_biola cookbook v0.1.0
splunk @ f4a1eaa splunk: Updated biola_server.inputs.conf.erb to avoid conflicting wit…
splunk_monitor Updated inputs.conf.erb with conditional statment for scripts
splunk_windows splunk: changed executes to windows_batch to avoid Windows executatio…
ssl_certs_biola Add license to passenger_biola and ssl_certs_biola
stunnel @ 82d7f73 Adding redis cookbook
sudo @ 19c9534 Updated to latest version of sudo cookbook
sudoers Updated sudoers cookbook to allow templates; created a template to sp…
supervisor Import opscode-cookbooks/supervisor version 7d58c3ba99d0950c70c82a7ff…
sysctl @ 5af54da update java cookbook, added sysctl cookbook, and additional oracle co…
tftpd-hpa Created documentation for the tftpd-hpa and vsftpd cookbooks
tzdata tzdata: v0.1.0 - initial commit
ucspi-tcp @ f6d49ff Added chef-server cookbook & dependencies
ufw @ 6bc6de6 ufw moved to submodule, splunk & splunk_monitor updates
ulimit @ c58a80d ulimit: merge change to correct nproc typo
users @ fabf756 users: migrate to submodule, v1.5.1
usersandgroups usersandgroups: v1.7.0 - added git to Ubuntu systems
vmware Added Ubuntu support to VMware Perl SDK recipe
vncserver vncserver v4 - update autostart to enable and start service
vsftpd Created documentation for the tftpd-hpa and vsftpd cookbooks
vsphere_perl_sdk @ 9c42d13 added vsphere_perl_sdk and update dependencies
windows @ 352b6c7 Updated windows_tasks cookbook with limited Windows 2003 support
windows_firewall windows_firewall: v0.4.0 - added description support
windows_registry windows_registry: 1.0.0 - Updated cookbook to pull registry keys from…
windows_routes windows_routes: v0.1.0 - initial commit
windows_scripts windows_scripts: 0.2.0 - Updated logrotate script to allow restarting…
windows_software windows_software: v0.4.0: added nmap
windows_tasks Added proper task deletion to the windows_tasks cookbook
wkhtmltopdf @ b37a5b6 Adding wkhtmltopdf cookbook
xfs @ b281886 transitioned mysql to submodule; added database & dependencies
xml @ b4719fc Added chef-server cookbook & dependencies
yum @ d259e28 linux_scripts: work around syntax change
zfs_linux zfs_linux: v1.8.1 - correct r750 web gui config
zlib @ 44c39cf Added chef-server cookbook & dependencies
.gitmodules Added git cookbook as a submodule update readme with deprecation notice
chefignore Updated the chefignore file

Deprecation Warning

This repository has been deprecated in favor of individual cookbook repositories at the top level Biola github org.

Git submodules

NOTE: This repository of cookbooks makes heavy use of git submodules, and their upstream URLs may change unexpectedly (e.g., when they are forked). It is advised to perform a git submodule sync after pulling changes from this repository to ensure your local copy's .git/modules/... configurations are up to date. This should make a git status accurately reflect the state of the repository.

When cloning this repository for the first time, follow normal git procedures to pull in the submodule contents as well (e.g., git clone && cd chef-cookbooks && git submodule init && git submodule update)

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