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This cookbook automates the deployment and configuration of vsftpd, a popular FTP server.


Currently only tested on Ubuntu 12.04, but should work on any modern Ubuntu distribution.


default attributes

  • node['vsftpd']['conf_file'] - The path to the configuration file
  • node['vsftpd']['anonymous_enable'] - Enable anonymous authentication; defaults to no
  • node['vsftpd']['local_enable'] - Allow local users to log in; defaults to yes
  • node['vsftpd']['write_enable'] - Allow local users to perform any write command; defaults to yes
  • node['vsftpd']['local_umask'] - The default umask for all uploaded files; set to 022
  • node['vsftpd']['userlist_file'] - The path to the list of local users allowed to use FTP
  • node['vsftpd']['userlist_group'] - The group to pull a list of allowed users from; the default recipe will search the "users" databag for any user that has this group specified



The default recipe performs the following functions:

  • Installs the vsftpd package
  • Sets up the service and enables it
  • Searches the "users" databag for any user accounts that have the group specified in the node['vsftpd']['userlist_group'] attribute and stores the IDs in an array
  • Creates a userlist file using the "vsftpd.user_list.erb" template with the array created
  • Updates the vsftpd configuration file using the "vsftpd.conf.erb" template and restarts the service


Either add the default recipe to the run list of a node, or create a role.

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