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This cookbook is heavily inspired by the excellent chef-vault cookbook. In similar fashion, it installs the chef-vault gem and provides a helper method for retrieving vault item contents. Unlike the chef-client cookbook however, the chef_vault_retry_item helper method will periodically retry loading the vault item if a ChefVault::Exceptions::SecretDecryption exception is raised, allowing an admin to refresh the vault item before the chef-client run fails. This is primarily intended to ease the bootstrapping of new systems.

Helper Methods

This cookbook provides a helper method for retrieving chef-vault items:

secret = chef_vault_retry_item('vault', 'item')

See the Usage section below for more details. Similar to the chef-client cookbook, if the item isn't encrypted and the node['chef_vault_retry']['databag_fallback'] attribute is set to true (the default), this helper method will attempt to load the item as a regular data bag item.


  • node['chef_vault_retry']['interval'] - the interval in seconds between retries; default is 30
  • node['chef_vault_retry']['retries'] - the maximum number of retries before allowing the chef-client run to fail; default is 40

The following attributes have been duplicated from the chef-client cookbook for gem installation:

  • node['chef_vault_retry']['version'] - version of the chef-client gem to install; default is unset and will use the version of chef-vault included with modern versions of Chef
  • node['chef_vault_retry']['databag_fallback'] - If the vault item passed is a regular data bag item, fall back to loading it as such; default is true
  • node['chef_vault_retry']['gem_source'] - maps to the source property for the chef_gem resource; default is nil
  • node['chef_vault_retry']['gem_options'] - maps to the options property for the chef_gem resource; default is nil


For Chef 12 nodes, include the chef_vault_retry::default recipe in the node's run list before using the helper method in recipes. For newer Chef versions, the chef-vault gem is installed by default and this step can be skipped.

Load a secret from a chef-vault item:

secret = chef_vault_retry_item('vault', 'item')

If a node is unable to decrypt an existing chef-vault item, the following error will be displayed in the chef-client run and will repeat on the configured interval (default 30s):

Unable to decrypt vault item (vault/item). Retrying in 30s.

Assuming an admin refreshes the vault item before the configured maximum number of retries (default 40), the chef-client run will continue now that the node can decrypt the item's contents.

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