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HipChat Logger

HipChat Logger is a ruby script to backup/archive your HipChat rooms.


Tested with Ruby 1.9.3



bundle install
cp config/config.yml.example config/config.yml

Edit config.yml:

  • hipchat.api.key - Add your HipChat API token/key config.yml (Note: This requires an admin level API token)
  • user_netid_mappings - will map HipChat user full name to the user's netid and add netid= to the log files
  • ignored_users - Add any username or user_id that you want to ignore when archiving messages




Run with options

  • -l - specifies the logging level (Note: This does not affect the hipchat message log files) -- supports debug|warn|info|error -- default is info
  • -d - specify the day you want archived -- defaults to today -- must be formatted as YYYY-mm-dd


./run_hipchat_logger.rb -l debug -d 2012-09-01

This will turn debugging on and archive any HipChat content from September 1, 2012.