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Educational widgets for machine learning and data mining in Orange.

License: CC-BY-NC-3.0

In order to use this package commercially, please obtain a Highcharts license.

Widgets in Educational Add-on demonstrate several key data mining and machine learning procedures. The widgets are useful for beginners to understand the inner working of key algorithms in the data mining and for teachers to be able to visually explain various methods in a classroom.


To install the add-on with pip use

pip install Orange3-Educational

To install the add-on from source, run

python install

To register this add-on with Orange, but keep the code in the development directory (do not copy it to Python's site-packages directory), run

python develop


After the installation, the widgets from this add-on are registered with Orange. To run Orange from the terminal, use

python3 -m Orange.canvas

new widgets are in the toolbox bar under Educational section.

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