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Installation of SQL extensions

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SQL Table widget supports PostgreSQL and MSSQL databases.


The components of Orange intended for work with SQL data require the following extensions on the PostgreSQL server (>= 9.5), where the data is stored:

  • quantile -

    It can be installed with pgxn client:

    pgxn install quantile
    pgxn load -d mydb quantile

    Or manually (after fetching the source from the link above):

    make install
    psql dbname -c "CREATE EXTENSION quantile"
  • tsm_system_time

    Extension is part of the PostgreSQL contrib.

    cd contrib/tsm_system_time
    make install
    psql dbname -c 'CREATE EXTENSION tsm_system_time;'


Install pymssql module.

pip install pymssql

If using Python3.6, you might have issues with availability of wheels.

Or run into fatal error: 'sqlfront.h' file not found

You would need FreeTDS which you can install:

  • On Debian-based systems: apt install freetds-dev
  • On OSX: brew install freetds

If the error persists install pymssql from git:

pip install Cython

pip install git+

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