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An Electron Application to create encrypted passwords and to validate the password using Bcrypt
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An Electron Desktop application which is a tool to encrypt passwords and validate them using bcrypt
Since I am learning electron, each branch builds upon the next as I expand the functionality.
Here is a listing of the branches as I go along:
Master: Basic Project
Menu: Add new menu and hook up events to load the Encrypt and Validate page(s)
Bcrypt: Each page has a form that submits the data and then uses Bcrypt to do it's thing. Current issue is that once a page is loaded, and then you go back to the menu to select a page; it won't load. Need to fix the menu events.
Menu2: Fix issue found with menu in Bcrypt branch
CodeStyle: clean up my code per this document -
PrettyItUp: Add css and make it look purdy!
ReleaseMe: Add code to 'compile' the code and make it a stand alone application

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