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Time Encoding and Decoding Toolkit for MATLAB
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Time Encoding and Decoding Toolkit


Package Description

The Time Encoding and Decoding Toolkit contains MATLAB implementations of algorithms designed to reversibly convert digitally sampled signals to and from a time-domain representation consisting of a series of time intervals between fixed-amplitude spikes. Sample code and documentation demonstrating the use of the implementations is included.


Package documentation is available at


The latest source code can be obtained from

Authors & Acknowledgments

See the included AUTHORS file for more information.


This software is licensed under the BSD License. See the included LICENSE file for more information.

The file utils/mtit.m is redistributed under the license in the file LICENSE.mtit.


The algorithms implemented in this package are described in the papers listed in the attached BibTeX bibliography. Further research on time domain coding and processing may be obtained from the Bionet Group publication server [1].

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