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A web API scavenger hunt, programmatically search for the next clue!

This is an interview-style coding challenge used by [redacted] to screen applicants.

This repository includes a web server that hosts the challenge. You can run the server and solve the problem.


Skills Tested

The solution requires a number of good intermediate level programming skills, including the following:

  • API requests libraries
  • custom request payloads and headers
  • '404' error handling
  • recursion
  • traversing tree nodes
  • normalizing data with typos, and
  • general problem solving skills

In my own solution, in working with uncertainty, I leveraged the following:

  • decorators
  • local response caching, and
  • monkey patching requests to be more specialized


This repository is the puzzle reverse-engineered from the ground up. I wanted to post my solution, it's a good code sample. However, I feel a need to protect the company that's still using this to screen applicants, so by reverse-engineering the puzzle I'm able to hide their identity and hopefully not show up in related google search results.

Note on programming languages: The server and provided solution is in Python 2.7. The actual puzzle is entirely web-based, you can solve the puzzle using any language you want.

Getting started

Note: If you get lost, there's a simple makefile with commands and description, take a look at it. Or type make

Windows users: The makefile is a minor convenience. Copy and paste the commands out of it, they should be familiar, e.g. pip install -r requirements.txt, python, etc etc etc.


  1. clone the repo
  2. make setup to install dependencies and optional dependencies
  3. make migrate to create the JSON mock database
  4. make serve and make stop to control the server
  5. solve the challenge.
  6. rage quit. make solve and make-solve-clean to see what a solution looks like.


git clone && \
cd interview-challenge
mkvirtualenv interview # optional for virtual env users
make setup # pip install -r requirements.txt

If redis or redislite fails, don't worry about it. There's a fallback option for caching. redislite requires "python dev headers", google that phrase if you want to make it work.


Create a JSON document to serve page data.

make migrate # python

There is no actual database, .json is perfectly fine for this. The original puzzle likely used MongoDB. creates a json file that mocks the original structure. Once the json file is built, the server can use it serve pages. The logic is dynamic, it can encode your own custom message.


make start # python


make stop # curl -X POST

Hopefully self explanatory.

Note: make start runs the server in the background using &, this hangs the line, hit return to get your prompt back.

make stop cleverly sends a curl post request to the server to shut it down.

Solve the puzzle

Navigate your browser to:

There's not much there. But it's all you get, so good luck.

If you come up with a wildly different solution, a cleaner solution, or you do it in a different language, definitely share it. Send a pull request with a named file, and add yourself to the credits. Make up a title for your role--just make sure it sounds slightly less important then mine :). Kidding, you can be CEO of the ninja convention, but you have to solve the puzzle--honor system. I'm happy to add it, give 'creds'.

Run the included solution

make solve # python solution/


make solve-clean

make solve-clean is there simply to delete the cache file created by the solution. Persistent caching got setup very early on, I was not sure if it part of the puzzle or not. So that needs deleted to prove its actually solving the problem and not cheating.


Lead reverse-engineer - Manu Phatak -

Puzzle designers - [redacted] - [redacted]@[redacted].com Let's find a way to get you proper credit.

Good luck, have fun.


A web API scavenger hunt, programmatically search for the next clue.




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