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Time Sheet

Exploring Angular and Lumen.



This was a small digression from a different project. The purpose was to help think about a healthy way of merging AngularJS and Laravel 5--or any other framework on the backend. Also took this as an opportunity to explore Laravel's lightweight Lumen.


  • Workflow. Keeping the IDE smart and getting real-time feedback.

  • Debugging. Debugging ajax requests.

  • Angular. It's new to me, it can be difficult to debug.

  • Lumen. I have criticisms now of Lumen.

    There's quite a bit to learn about Laravel internals from Lumen. Much of the complexity is stripped out. Well, it's commented out, so it's like a ghost showing you where things would be. Playing with Lumen was a healthy exercise for this reason. But in it's current state Lumen feels like a novelty. It could use focus.

    Imagine if the focus of Lumen was changed from being "a minimalist framework" to being "an API creating machine"--which is sort of implied, but nowhere close to true. They could add back the tools that streamline development: generators for example. Add back resource routing. Keep Auth as optional, and cut everything that isn't API/JSON related.

    Lumen could still be a lightweight framework, but following this vision it would have a practical purpose. Some of the best parts of Laravel are the dev-tools that automate repetitive tasks. And these are sorely missing. In short, I can't really imagine ever preferring Lumen over Laravel.


Single page timesheet, playing with Angular and Lumen.




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