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Modular and universal bioinformatics

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You need to install the latest Node.JS first, please check or do the following:

# Ubuntu
sudo apt-get install npm
# Mac
brew install node
# Both
npm install -g n
n stable

To use bionode as a command line tool, you can install it globally with -g.

npm install bionode -g

Or, if you want to use it as a JavaScript library, you need to install it in your local project folder inside the node_modules directory by doing the same command without -g.

npm i bionode # 'i' can be used as shorcut to 'install'


Check our documentation at

Modules list

For a complete list of bionode modules, please check the repositories with the "tool" tag


We welcome all kinds of contributions at all levels of experience, please read the to get started!

Communication channels

Don't be shy! Come talk to us 😃

Who's using Bionode?

For a list of some projects or institutions that we know of, check the file. If you think you should be on that list or know who should, let us know! :D


We would like to thank all the people and institutions listed below!