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Streaming Between Tasks #79

thejmazz opened this issue Aug 26, 2017 · 1 comment

Streaming Between Tasks #79

thejmazz opened this issue Aug 26, 2017 · 1 comment


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In order to be a streaming workflow engine, we need to support the ability to pipe between tasks. This does not add much to the "traditional" pipeline which mostly reads/writes files between tasks, but it can open interesting use cases:

  • stream of query responses from bionode-ncbi can be piped into pipelines
  • ease of incorporating node transform streams into pipelines
  • separate tools (do not need a container with A and B to run A | B for example)
  • cool things with fork, something like: A | fork(B1, B2) | C (however this will be tricky to implement as we will need to create duplicate streams)

Dump from docs:

If either (input or output) is
not provided, it will be assumed the task is then a streaming task - i.e., it
is a duplex stream with writable and/or readable portions. Consider:

const throughCapitalize = through(function (chunk, env, next) {
  // through = require('through2') - a helper to create through streams
  // takes chunk, its encoding, and a callback to notify when complete pushing
  // push a chunk to the readable portion of this through stream with
  // then call next so that next chunk can be handled

You could connect `capitalize` to a readable (`readFile`) and writable 
(`writeFile`) file 
stream with:

const capitalize = task({
  name: 'Capitalize Through Stream'
// Here, input is a readable stream that came from the previous task
// Let's return a through stream that takes the input and capitalizes it
({ input }) => input.pipe(throughCapitalize) )
const readFile = task({
  input: '*.lowercase',
  name: 'Read from *.lowercase'
}, ({ input }) => {
  const rs = fs.createReadStream(input)
  // Add file information to stream object so we have it later
  rs.inFile = input

const writeFile = task({
  output: '*.uppercase',
  name: 'Write to *.uppercase'
}, ({ input }) => fs.createWriteStream(input.inFile.swapExt('uppercase')))

// Can now connect the three:
join(readFile, capitalize, writeFile)

Of course, this could be written as one single task. This is somewhat simpler,
but the power of splitting up the read, transform, and write portions of a task
will become apparent once we can provide multiple sets of parameters to the
transform and observe the effect, without having to manually rewire input and
output filenames
. As a single task the above would become:

const capitalize = task({
  input: '*.lowercase',
  output: '*.uppercase',
  name: 'Capitalize *.lowercase -> *.uppercase'
}, ({ input }) =>
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Tied to this issue, we should also be able to pass variables, functions, etc... between tasks and still be able to call them somehow in other downstream tasks.

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