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Low-level OO Perl interface for NCBI's eutils

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bp_genbank_ref_extractor: skip genes of any type other than 'pseudo' …

…or 'protein-coding'.

* the current code was checking the gene type, and treat it as pseudo gene if type was
'pseudo', and as protein coding otherwise. However, this approach ignores some less
common cases such as long non-coding RNA (e.g., H19 with UID 14955), and even regions
of the genome (with type of 'other') which sometimes appear annotated as genes (e.g.,
Hist3 with UID 15268). There may be other gene types that which we are not aware of,
so we limit ourselves to coding and pseudo genes.
latest commit c738f70dff
Carnë Draug carandraug authored February 17, 2014
Octocat-spinner-32 inc convert tests to Test::More January 17, 2012
Octocat-spinner-32 lib doc: change POD to make use of BioPerl's PodWeaver pluginbundle March 25, 2013
Octocat-spinner-32 scripts bp_genbank_ref_extractor: skip genes of any type other than 'pseudo' … February 17, 2014
Octocat-spinner-32 t remove redundant directories January 17, 2012
Octocat-spinner-32 xt test: fix broken test of taxonomy database due to deleted entry on th… March 22, 2013
Octocat-spinner-32 .gitignore maint: remove komodo text editor file and add it to .gitignore March 22, 2013
Octocat-spinner-32 .travis.yml add DB_File dependency September 08, 2013
Octocat-spinner-32 Changes maint: mention bp_genbank_ref_extractor on Changes February 07, 2013
Octocat-spinner-32 MANIFEST.SKIP add MANIFEST.SKIP January 17, 2012
Octocat-spinner-32 dist.ini [skip ci] add prereqs September 08, 2013
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