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Fixing a bug that caused the first sequence in a ##FASTA section to b…

…e lost; the problem was that Bio::SeqIO::fasta sets \n> as the line separator, but during processing, Bio::FeatureIO::gff swallowed the \n before sending the filehandle to SeqIO. Now when fasta_mode is set, it rewinds the filehandle to get the preceeding line's \n.

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1 parent 87b2474 commit 1d146f6444565bfa1c93dbfeaa6ee107c1c9eb6e scain committed with carandraug Dec 16, 2009
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@@ -298,12 +298,20 @@ sub write_feature {
Returns : value of fasta_mode (a scalar)
Args : on set, new value (a scalar or undef, optional)
+Side effect: rewind the file handle a little bit to get the last carriage return
+that was swallowed when the previous line was processed.
sub fasta_mode {
my($self,$val) = @_;
$self->{'fasta_mode'} = $val if defined($val);
+ if ($val == 1) {
+ seek $self->_fh(), -1, 1; #rewind 1 byte to get the previous line's \n
+ }
return $self->{'fasta_mode'};

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