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Revision History for BioCorba::Client modules
0.02 Mon Mar 5 18:25:05 EST 2001
- Support for updated new biocorba (0.2) IDL as written
by Alan Robinson
- Some features are still not properly documented but this
release reprents some modest improvements from the 0.1 code.
0.01 Tue May 22 17:34:47 EDT 2000
- Initial release
- Supports full IDL features.
- Requires Bioperl >= 0.06
- Does not catch Corba exceptions or convert them to
bioperl exceptions at this time.
- Tested and compliant with other bio* projects biocorba
Biojava - fully compliant
Biopython - fully compliant
- Bio::SeqIO to support SeqIO like access to corba SeqDBs
Issues, Known Bugs:
- Bio::DB::Biocorba for DB like access - might need some more
looking at.