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BioPerl CORBA client (defunct)
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Bioperl Corba Client is a collection of modules which makes Biocorba
objects look like Bioperl objects.

The most important thing which this does is handle memory. As Corba is
agnostic about memory management, these objects handle the memory
communication with the server (the biocorba system has its own memory
management convention)

The second thing is that it provides breathing space between bioperl and
biocorba. This way bioperl can evolve separately to biocorba, providing
interoperability with stiffling each project.

For more details of the biocorba project, the most developed distribution
is the bioperl-corba-server.


You need to have two components installed on your machine for
Biocorba to work:

   orbit (comes installed by default in redhat linux)
   CORBA::ORBit (available from cpan)

Bioperl-corba-client installs as a standard CPAN module

Type the following commands:

perl Makefile.PL
make install

If you can't become root go

perl Makefile.PL LIB=/somewhere/you/can/write/to

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